Throughout summer 2020, this weirdest of all summers, I worked on this series of photographs documenting life during the pandemic in my neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn.​​​​​​​
I live close to the East River waterfront and on my daily walks I've realized that the slivers of nature, the calmness of the water, and the magical sunsets over the New York City skyline have developed an irresistible attraction to me and many of my neighbors. The daily routine of leaving the house, watching other people (albeit at a safe distance), listening to the joyful voices of playing children – it has helped this community to persevere in these most challenging months our generation has faced.
This series, "Lost Summer", is a reflection on all that we've missed out on this summer, but also a reminder that not all is bleak and that there's hope and beauty to be found even in the most tragic of times.
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